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Maximize your revenue by safeguarding your Contracts and Compliance 

Did you realize that inefficient contract management practices could potentially drain up to 9% of your annual revenue?

Are you grappling with the hassle of last-minute renegotiations, overlooked renewals, or missed milestones in your contracts? Is keeping up with crucial compliance obligations a constant challenge for your business? At Nicole Ahante & Co, we recognize the pivotal significance of upholding contractual obligations and compliance requisites.

Our Automated Contract and Compliance Reminder System is a meticulously designed solution crafted to vigilantly monitor your contracts. It issues proactive reminders well in advance of impending expirations or critical milestones. By adopting this proactive stance, your business gains control and foresight into compliance, approvals, renewal deadlines, and milestone tracking. This also opens doors to renegotiate contracts or halt renewals before they become pressing issues.

Reasons to Choose Our Services

  1. Bid adieu to missed contracts! Our system ensures timely reminders for expiring contracts, empowering you to initiate negotiations or amendments well in advance. This foresighted approach rescues you from last-minute rushes and potential legal entanglements.

  2. Our service furnishes regular reminders for compliance duties, be it tax filings, regulatory deadlines, or statutory requisites. Steer clear of penalties and legal snags by staying compliant with our tailored notifications.

  3. With our expert reminders in place, focus on your core business activities while we efficiently track and manage critical contract renewals and compliance deadlines.


Our Simplified Payment Model

For a fee of N15,000 annually, our service offers you priceless peace of mind. This cost-effective approach grants you access to our dependable service.

How it works

  • Upon subscription, furnish us with your the specific contracts and/or your compliance obligations.

  • We configure a customized reminder system tailored precisely to your needs.

  • Receive timely notifications well before contract expirations and compliance deadlines.


Don't gamble with the potential legal and financial repercussions of missed contract renewals or compliance slip-ups. Collaborate with us to proactively manage your contractual and regulatory obligations.


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