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At Nicole Ahante & Co, we aim to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. This may include pursuing alternative dispute resolutions methods such as mediation and arbitration. However, should we resort to a trial, we do not adopt a “one size fits all approach.” as many situations are unique. We ensure that we extensively all Legal options available and then provide our clients with the best suitable options.


We provide full representation during negotiations, trials, hearings, arbitration, and mediation by developing legal strategies specifically designed to achieve favorable outcomes, while also allowing for the flexibility to adjust as a case continues to evolve over time.


Our litigation services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Debt Collection Litigation

  • Employment Litigation

  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

  • Litigation for Landlords and tenants

  • Contract Disputes

  • Franchise Disputes

  • Appeals of all Court Cases and Matters

  • Copyright, Trademark and Patent Infringement Cases

  • Real Estate Dispute Litigation

  • Personal Injury

  • Patent Litigation

  • Business Disputes

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